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Winter Maintenenance

Help us keeping your business running through the winter months

Snow Ploughing

To keep your school, retail park or industrial estate operational during those periods of snowfall, our snow ploughing services will keep your business running and your visitors and staff safe. 


Ice can be extremely dangerous to any business after a night of extreme temperatures. If you don’t have your access routes gritted, your roads and pavements can present a real hazard to your visitors and staff.

Leaf Collecting

Leaves get everywhere during the autumn season and present a real slip hazard when they become wet and decomposed. We collect and remove all leaves from your property leaving it looking great again.

Moss & Algae Clearance

Moss and algae can be really difficult to get rid off, it looks unsightly and can present a slip hazard in certain places. We use an organic moss killer to penetrate the moss and then remove it with power brush.

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